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Couple Support, Christian Couples, Love! a social network experience has opened dialogue for couples across the globe. This social network focuses on keeping love, marriages and commitments alive. The site offers a foundation to blog, to post and to share photos and videos among committed couples. This social network allows visitors to interact with married couples and other couples in committed relationships. We are helping to  keep relationships together by opening communication on....Chivalrous Man, Virtuous Woman, Sensual Quiz, Happy Anniversary, Peace Treaty, A-Meant-To-Be-Moment, Preventive Counseling, Love Quiz, I Love You, Love Songs, Love Videos. We are covering every aspect of your relationship.

 "We Are Not A Dating Service."

 Our website services is for everyone Christian Couples, Committed Relationships, Dating and married couples. website is here to keep it real in romance with your soul mate and lifetime partner. We offer great Couple Support to Save your relationship and marriage today on Seen On T.V. 

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Husband 98, Wife 101, Celebrate 75 Years Married.

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Husband 108, Wife 105, Celebrate 82 Years Married.

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Husband Wu Conghan 101 Wife Wu Songshi 103 Celebrate 88 Years Married.

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Husband 86, Wife 81, Celebrate 65 Years Married.